About Andy Dempster & Danger Without

I'm Andy Dempster, and I love music. A lot. At about the age of three I wrote my first song entitled "La. La. La. The telephone man." That was the entire lyrical content as well.

Years later I continue to write, and I like to think the music and lyrics have greatly improved.

It's hard for me to define musical category or genre for the music I write. Let's say I don't have one - I have MANY. Rock. Alt-Country. Blues. CCM. Even dance and funk and sometimes metal. Guess that makes me a singer / songwriter?

I do enjoy playing live, but since Danger Without is essentially a one man band with the occassional guest star it has to be an acoustic / coffeehouse style engagment.

Why Danger Without and not Andy Dempster? Unfortunately my parents didn't see fit to give me a rock n' roll name. Also it allows me to collaborate with others. A big thanks to guest stars like Gary Frank (bass on parts of Tomorrow's Unknown Danger) and David Maikowski (guitar and mandolin on Fish Hooks and some of my first album) and my wife Christine (background vocals). And a Steve Grimes song always seems to show up on every collection as well.

A HUGE thanks to my family who have spent a lot of time listening to my music over the years and giving me feedback (and material to write about). As well as a lot of time not bugging me when I'm behind a closed door recording. Thanks for supporting and putting up with me. I love you all.

Want to drop me a line? knockknock AT andydempster DOT com